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Nov 29, 2012 5:00pm PST
with implications for the future. the united nations vote is viewed as a victory for palestinians and an embarrassing diplomatic defeat for the united states. there were plenty of cheers in the west bank. palestinians took their victory celebration into the streets. israel still controlled the west bank. east jerusalem and access to gaza, and voted against recognizing a palestinian state. so did the u.s. the vote count was an overwhelming 138 to 9. 41 nations abstained. secretary of state hillary clinton says the vote places further obstacles in the path to peace. real independence from palestinians remaining elusive according to the secretary of state, until a peace deal is negotiated with israel. >>> president obama and mitt romney had a private lunch at the white house today. we know what they ate but no specifics about their conversation. the get together marked their first meeting since facing off in the third presidential debate. the menu included turkey chilly and southwestern grilled chicken saeid. the former rivals posed for an official autograph in the oval office. much
Nov 29, 2012 6:00am PST
. a little slow for 880. back to you. >>> 6:59. one final check of the top stories. the united nations expected to pass a resolution today to recognize palestine as its own state. the u.s. asked the palestinian president to abandon the effort but he refused. the u.s. and israel say they will vote no on the resolution. >>> closer to home, one of the three men convicted in the infamous kidnapping of a school bus full of students in chowchilla has been denied parole. he will be eligible for parole in three years. this one very historic around here. woods convicted for his kidnapping of the students and their bus driver back in 1976, ultimately burying them alive in a moving van. >> it's a frightening time. >>> two people hold winning tickets to the highest powerball jackpot ever. more than $587 million. lottery officials say the winning tickets were sold in arizona and missouri. not clear whether the tickets were bought by individuals or groups. >> congratulations to all. >> have a great day, everybody. see you at 7:25. >>> good morning. >>> good morning. we have winners, two winning tick
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2